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This page features my scientific and popular science publications

Scientific publications and preprints
Here you find a list of publications and preprints with links to the ArXiv and the journal if available. A list of preprints can also be found here.

Large N matrices from a nonlocal spin system
Dionysios Anninos, Sean A. Hartnoll, Liza Huijse, Victoria L. Martin
[pdf from ArXiv]

Bethe ansatz solvability and supersymmetry of the M_2 model of single fermions and pairs
Christian Hagendorf, Thessa B. Fokkema, Liza Huijse
J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 47 485201 (2014)
[pdf from ArXiv][journal link]

Emergent supersymmetry at the Ising-Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless multicritical point
Liza Huijse, Bela Bauer, Erez Berg
Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 090404 (2015)
[pdf from ArXiv][journal link]

Entanglement entropy of compressible holographic matter: loop corrections from bulk fermions
Brian Swingle, Liza Huijse, Subir Sachdev
Phys. Rev. B 90, 045107 (2014)
[pdf from ArXiv][journal link]

Strong finite-size corrections for lattice fermions at a supersymmetric multicritical point
Bela Bauer, Liza Huijse, Erez Berg, Matthias Troyer, Kareljan Schoutens
Phys. Rev. B 87, 165145 (2013)
[pdf from ArXiv][journal link]

Area law violations in a supersymmetric model
Liza Huijse, Brian Swingle
Phys Rev B 87, 035108 (2013)
[pdf from ArXiv][journal link]

Supersymmetric lattice fermions on the triangular lattice: superfrustration and criticality
L. Huijse, D. Mehta, N. Moran, K. Schoutens, J. Vala
New J. Phys. 14, 073002 (2012)
[pdf from ArXiv][journal link]

Hidden Fermi surfaces in compressible states of gauge-gravity duality
Liza Huijse, Subir Sachdev, Brian Swingle
Phys. Rev. B 85, 035121 (2012).
[pdf from ArXiv][journal link]

Fractionalization of holographic Fermi surfaces
Sean A. Hartnoll, Liza Huijse
Class. Quantum Grav. 29, 194001 (2012).
[pdf from ArXiv][journal link]

Fermi surfaces and gauge-gravity duality
Liza Huijse, Subir Sachdev
Phys. Rev. D 84, 026001 (2011).
[pdf from ArXiv] [journal link]

Exact ground states of a staggered supersymmetric model for lattice fermions
L. Huijse, N. Moran, J. Vala, K. Schoutens
Phys. Rev. B 84, 115124 (2011).
[pdf from ArXiv] [journal link]

Detailed analysis of the continuum limit of a supersymmetric lattice model in 1D
L. Huijse
J. Stat. Mech. 1104:P04004 (2011).
[pdf from ArXiv] [journal link]

Charged spin textures over the Moore-Read quantum Hall state
Jesper Romers, Liza Huijse, Kareljan Schoutens
New J. Phys. 13, 045013 (2011).
[pdf from ArXiv] [journal link]

Quantum phases of supersymmetric lattice models
L. Huijse, K. Schoutens
In XVIth International Congress on Mathematical Physics, P. Exner (Ed.), 635-639, World Scientific (2010).
[pdf from ArXiv]

Supersymmetry, lattice fermions, independence complexes and cohomology theory
L. Huijse, K. Schoutens
Adv. Theor. Math. Phys. 14.2, 643-694 (2010).
[pdf from ArXiv] [journal link]

Charge frustration and quantum criticality for strongly correlated fermions
Liza Huijse, James Halverson, Paul Fendley, Kareljan Schoutens
Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 146406 (2008).
[pdf from ArXiv] [journal link]

Superfrustration of charge degrees of freedom
Liza Huijse, Kareljan Schoutens
EPJ B 64, 543 (2008).
[pdf from ArXiv] [journal link]

We zijn gemaakt van sterrenstof
Chapter in the book Dit wil je weten, 101 experts geven hun beste advies prijs (2014)
and part of the online exhibit Nederland in Ideeën, if you're taking the tour you can find the next answer here.

Lorentz, vader van de natuurkunde en de afsluitdijk
Chapter in the book Nederland in Ideeën, 101 denkers over inzichten en innovaties die ons land verander(d)en (2013)

Het standaard model
Newspaper article for De Volkskrant on the standard model (2007), this article has also been published in the book De Betacanon (2008)
[link to newspaper]